Wevolver 3D printed robot - super cool!!

You can create your own acrylic jewellery in our next workshop @fablablondon, led by @mysticforms, checkout www.fablablondon.org for details

mysticforms in the Lab this evening with a very cool acrylic jewellery workshop

Hot wire cutter

3DPrinted animatronic glow in the dark PLA :) spooky indeed

kudos to @hancam14 our designer in residence... scuba extinguisher :)

glue it. paint it. stick it. etch it. make it @connectingneurons at work with their board game

Look what I have for breakfast

cutting stars this afternoon with major laser @hancam14 on the trotec

Freaky hands sprouting from the ultimaker original in a very cool looking woodfill :)

3D printed robot

Acrylic motorbikes, designed by Siji

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