This is what we will do with our EggBot! Make Eastern fun :)

Laser cut letters

Laser engraving on rotary unit

Laser engraved old school stamp

Laser cut letters hung from ceiling for an event

Laser cut foam

3D printed centerpieces of this stunning backpack concept by Erzsébet SZABOLCS! Dresses: Orsolya BAKÁCS; Photo: Alexander CSOMOR; Model: Odett FEJES

laserengraving augmented reality markers on 3M's reflective fabric!

Parametric design

Laser cutted pattern designed by Zsuzsi GSPANN

3D printing - Craftbot

One piece SLS 3D printed turbine

Inspirational colours - Pick one!

Heavy metal - Oldschool tool

Wood cube - Lasercutting

Nothing beats the texture of wood

All kinds of tools to use, when making a prototype - Here is a sewing machine

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