Friends On The Road - Spotlight 2017 - The Good Transition (Egtved)

Spotlight has a theme for 2017 "Friends On the Road", in collaboration "The Good Transition" between Daycare and School in Vejle Municipality. In this regard, a couple of kindergartens and one, two classes from the Egtved school will like to make a joint project where the theme is put into play. Both physically on the road between kindergartens and the school in Egtved, but also in imagination and mentally. It must be linked with one or more artistic styles and perhaps other. (Spotlight's mission is to "challenge children and young people's creativity)


Børnehaver og indskoling i Egtved

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  • A process involving one / two artists (creative souls) with strong educational competence.
  • 2/3 kindergartens, one / two classes (in-school)
  • startup meeting with "adults" ASAP
  • Process with the children, 3-4-5-6 reduction (confrontation days) (the allocated adults from kindergarten / school participate as standard for these children groups)
  • The possibility that the children and their "adults" can work independently, without the current instructor
  • Delivery of product (program point for festival, street performance, video dock, exhibition, etc.) Thursday, September 21, 2017


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  • 22/06-2017 13:51
    Søren Raffnsøe (project owner)

    Tak for et godt møde, jeg har skrevet til Egtved og bedt dem finde tid til møde i næste uge :)

    • 22/06-2017 14:51
      Anette Bjerregaard:

      Selv tak :-) Det lyder godt, vi afventer nærmere information :)

  • 18/02-2018 18:19

    Hej Søren, Anette og Anita, kan I give en update på, hvordan jeres projekt blev afviklet?

Project Info
  • Created : 2017-06-16 13:09:50
  • Public
  • Status : Ide design
  • Looking for : Other: En/to som kan faciltiere processen med børnene, udvikle med skolen/børnehaven
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