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SaniBag is a bag made of a biodegradable material. The bag is used as your "toilet". It is divided into two parts; The one part contains seeds and the other part is used to feed in. The seeds must be adapted to local soil and climate conditions and must be able to create value for the population. After use, a knot is bound. Then the bag is dug down and the human fertilizer fertilizes the seeds. Over time, the seeds will germinate and grow up.


Katrine Thomsen, Signe Møller andersen og Victoria Egeskov Christiansen (assisteret af

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Shit Happens is a company run by 3 girls of 13 years who have got a great idea;

SaniBag is based on the 6th World Goal - clean water and sanitation.

⅓ of the world's population has no access to proper sanitation, which means that many people in these areas make stools in rivers and lakes around them. This is a big problem as it produces dangerous coli bacteria in the same water they also use for cooking and household purposes.

Every year, about 23 million people die because of this. Of the 23 million, there are 2000 children who die during the day. It is this challenge SaniBag helps solve.


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  • Created : 2018-12-11 14:31:48
  • Public
  • Status : produktudvikling
  • Looking for : Specific Professional: folk med viden indenfor bio-nedbrydeligt plast materiale
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