Introduction to Design Thinking & Digital Fabrication

To introduce design thinking and digital fabrication through a hands-on workshop in the FabLab.


This project is based on previous work of: Simon Vibe Grevsen | Teacher | Vejle Midtbyskole Mads Bo-Kristensen | Chief Consultant / Ph.d. | Vejle Municipality

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Teachers, school leaders, decision makers and various categories of influencers need to be introduced to design thinking and digital fabrication In order to understand what is going on i a FabLab.

Hands-on work with a design challenge is believed to be the most effective way to make various groups understand the what, how and why FabLabs are catalysist for a nessesary transformation of the schools in order to meet future challenges.


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  • 28/03-2017 11:53
    Sanne Moth

    Hi Claus, I know FabLab at school and Henrik Kastenskov have been producing little documentaries and adds about the value of FabLabs in schools, but have you asked kids to try and document the usage/experiences from their perspective? I know kids at ISB have been making little videos about the schools 'creator space' equipment etc. and they tend to reach a broad audience with their somewhat unpredictable ways of solving the 'design challenge' that is 'making a documentary'. ;-) Maybe Anita Ousen and Anette Bjerregaard can pitch in with suitable students for the task....or maybe ask the guys at Capital of Children (i.e. Morten Møller) - they also have broadcasting equipment at the COC studio in Billund.

  • 29/03-2017 10:46

    We have added a gallery for Maker Spaces we collaborate with and will be adding more photos/fablabs over the next few weeks. In this gallery schools can find inspirations as to what can actually be made with all these fine tools they buy for their fablabs - from beginners' little funny bits, to great artistic masterpieces. And everyone is happy to share info on what they used to make their items!! You can check it out here:

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