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Innovative thinking and entrepreneurship education. Creating an optimal framework for inclusive, authentic and quality-assured's entrepreneurship education when entrepreneurs facilitates workshops for primary school elf / students at the country's educational institutions and invite into their current product / concept optimization and product tests. Success in these experiences not only for the academically strongest, but all get inspiration and motivation and have a broader understanding of their own skills. The yield due course and valuable for the entrepreneur, at the same time strengthened students' 21st. century skills', they equipped to quickly be able to choose their further education and internships in various constellations become more well-matched. Thus solves CoCreate more of society's current challenges. Send mail if you want to get our project sent.


mindthefuture, M O T H, Raybender, People Passion Performance samt iværksættere i Spinderihallerne Vejle. Sparring fra Gry Salling, Capital of Children, Astra centret og Fonden for Entreprenørskab.

Intro - your idea in a few words

Entrepreneurs have an increased focus on the need to involve external resources in their idea development and product optimization processes to sharpen their business. Educators have increased focus on strengthening children and young people called '21st century skills'. When entrepreneurs and pupils / students are included in the idea development cooperation in the correct conceptualized framework, we create both inclusive framework skilled professional learning at a high level for all children, regardless of academic level (!), While the young 21st century skills strengthened. Thereby we get tough, act strong and environment-oriented young people who are prepared for the future society. CoCreate is a union cooperation between entrepreneurs, didactics and municipal units to create a concept that precisely optimize framework that entrepreneurs can offer case-workshops for primary school, vocational training and in the longer term also universities and førskolesegmentet.

Extract from the project: leads the way as an innovative bridge between school and business

The entrepreneurial characteristics called for in the future Denmark. Society needs the outside world oriented people who can think creatively, value-added and which will undertake. Educational institutions at all levels are challenged when they have to provide authentic entrepreneurship education and business want to be a closer player in the area. More and more companies are namely aware of how valuable it is to involve outsiders in idea development processes and create test environments - but today it is difficult for the parties to find each other and create optimally designed cooperate. Now there is a solution from project that looks at entrepreneurship, development of ideas and collaboration across sectors with brand new eyes. With the initiative "" assembled the leading bodies of entrepreneurship education and school / business partnerships with a number of creative entrepreneurs in development / gaming / didactics etc. and creates new improved framework for how companies productively involve voluntary partners in the idea and product development processes. The project allows schools and businesses to collaborate in authentic workshops with occupational professional. Students in several age groups thereby insight into real business and challenged to see opportunities and create value for themselves and others - that strengthened their entrepreneurial characteristics. Businesses create test environments and idéoptimerer with children and youth as actors and get better conditions to create mutually valuable internships. Udslusninger in several types of practices and in several disciplines equip young people better when they later have to choose higher education.

Only when the framework creates maximum value for all those involved, the exposure mutually continuously and output ideal and sustainable. We will ensure partly by developing a workshop built on the concept of design-thinking model, adapted to the participants' age, where students exercise their entrepreneurial skills, which we know is crucial that they and we as a society can succeed in the future. And secondly ensure businesses optimal yield in the form of targeted and effective product.

With an online idea generation platform for co-creation creates also possible to create and maintain interaction between companies in different businesses and start-ups or non-professional / students.

And finally, we are in available with support and training to all actors, so ALL regardless of prior knowledge of design-thinking and entrepreneurship education can participate.


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  • 17/05-2017 08:14
    Sanne Moth (project owner)

    Vi er i fuldeste sving med at planlægge næste iværksætter/elev-forløb - denne gang et længere et af slagsen; formentlig med 1 blok i ugen over 6 uger samt en hel intensiv uge! SHIT det bliver fedt. Vi kommer omkring alle de vigtige kompetenceområder og fokuserer især på iværksætteri/afsætning. Eleverne skal motiveres til at lave penge på deres forretning - ikke for pengenes skyld, men for optimeringen af værdiskabelsens skyld. Der skal behovanalyseres og konceptudvikles ambitiøst, for at eleverne når i mål og rent faktisk får lov at få produceret deres produkt/eksekveret deres forretning. Glæder mig helt vildt!!

  • 10/11-2017 08:46
    Sanne Moth (project owner)

    Her kan I se en lille web-dok om vores forløb med Englystskolens elever

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  • Created : 2017-02-09 08:45:57
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  • Status : Vi har gennemført 2 pilotprojekter samt pitching sessions med udskolingselever med stor succes og er klar til at optimere og videreudvikle med en test kommune.
  • Looking for : Other: Test kommune og interessenter af alskens art!
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