Art director/Designer

Fields of expertise

Visual identity, concept development and design.

Company description Aps is owned and operated by designer / Art Director Anita Hviid. I started as a self-employed in 1991 and for the last 13 years I have had a domicile in Bredallund in a beautiful inspiring environment.

The agency's core competence is visual identity, concept development, development of shop in shop, interior design and design specializing in the furniture industry. I work with visual and graphic identity. Aesthetic and emotional expression is consistent in my work with the tasks.

“To create the feeling…” is for me where the emotional and aesthetic meet the simple and functional design, whether it is graphic, a photo shoot, interior design or product development. Where the idea and vision are developed and defined for an innovative design, a strong identity or a new concept. Where you dare to think abstract, different and out of the box, because you believe that the visual creates identity.

“To create an expression…” My great sources of inspiration are nature, the raw raw materials, surfaces, structures, moods, nature's forms and graphic lines and the Scandinavian color palette. This, of course, is focussed on interior and fashion trends, the spirit of time, cultural and societal trends with an eye to creating the individual's strong expression.



  • Name : Anita Hviid
  • Created : 2018-06-15 13:15:16
  • E-mail :
  • Phone : +45 40 89 77 11
  • Address : Spinderihallerne, Spinderigade 11E, 7100 Vejle
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