System Developer & Architect

Fields of expertise

I create solutions within system development, cloud computing and infrastructure for companies, organizations, associations, and more.

In-depth knowledge of: Java, SOA, Scala, Akka, Node JS, Web Services (RESTful and WS-* Standards), SQL, Graph Databases, Cloud Computing, Linux and PHP.

Experience gained as a software developer in companies within IT development, the pharmaceutical industry, webshops (e-business) and wind energy.

Design/development projects include systems for data collection, monitoring and fault-finding of wind turbines, transport tracking and temperature monitoring; databases for travel guides and recruitment; ERP, project and case management within fish farming; customer processing and CRM; EDI management; and control of industrial scales with data collection and integration with other systems.

Company description

Owner and Software Developer at Versio ApS.



  • Name : Nikolaj Westergaard
  • Created : 2017-05-18 11:15:39
  • E-mail :
  • Phone : 35109199
  • Address : Spinderigade 11, 7100 Vejle
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