Business developer and advisor. Founding partner at; match making between startups and corporates

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I am a driven and persistent entrepreneur with a mission in life - to give tech-startups a much better chance for international success. Every aspect of my professional career is focused on startups and the dedication to them.

Founded, (front-runner to TheNordicHub), (stepping stone to Valuer) and co-founded TechBBQ, NordicGameBits and NordicStartupBits

Trendsonline grew to become an important part of the Danish eco-system and was a front-runner for the Danish media's focus on digital entrepreneurship.

Company description

With we took the best from accelerators, startup competitions and pitch events and turned it into a digital platform where corporations can track startups.

Eyes on the ground - all over the world Valuer is a new and unique way to find the best startup with the newest innovation and technology. 2,500 human sensors globally at over hundred tech-hubs are at your disposal. Valuer is the platform that can ignite your innovation capabilities at the highest level.

Qualitative approach - no more lists We carefully interview each startup in order to extract the most relevant and meaningful insights related to technology, team structures, value propositions, the market and the company’s performance. Our eight years of experience with interviewing startups and entrepreneurs equipped us with the relevant skills to develop and refine the most suitable interviewing techniques.

Track, assess, analyze and benchmark All data that Valuer collects through qualitative research, such as article analysis and human capital analysis with BP10, is being visualized on our website and brought together in The Content Deck. This data is further enhanced with the feedback and comments that our network of Valuer experts gave to selected startups.

AI matchmaking algorithm Based on the capabilities and attributes requested by a corporation or an investor, the Valuer platform utilizes the entire repository of information and AI techniques to simulate the typical process of screening a startup. Once the screening is done, the system automatically finds the best matching startups and entrepreneurs for the investor’s and corporate’s specific needs. Valuer has made a comprehensive research the last twenty years with experience from the team, board members and advisors. The team count former Skype investor, professors in corporate strategy and data, serie entrepreneurs with successfully exits, c-level professionals from corporates and startup eco-system builders.


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