Projektleder, Byudvikler og Kreativ Erhvervsudvikler i Vejle Kommune

Fields of expertise

Project manager in the Manufacturers. Creative and retail entrepreneurship and concept development in Spinderihallerne. City developer in Vejle and Centerbyer.

Company description

Once a discotheque for the young blood of Vejle, the 500 sq.m. “Manufacturers are an interactive creative community that involves the buyers into the creation process” shares founder, Marit de Julienhort Rosenkilde.

At the core of this concept is the dialogue between the “Maker” and the “Taker”. This vision comes to life in a space that combines the storefront that mostly sells hand-crafted artisan products with the place of creation only a few steps further back. In this kind of set up, the products and the stories behind their creation become a platform for an interactive design journey. The shoppers are invited backstage and given a preview in the behind-the-scenes of the product development. No VIP pass or appointment needed. The artists, designers and makers, on the other hand, get a chance to share their stories and maybe hear some valuable feedback that nudge them towards more inspirations and possibilities.

Having opened its doors last September 2015, Manufacturers is not only a space but a vision that takes collaboration among designers, artists and passionate makers seriously. “We refer to each other as kokullegas which is a fusion of the words co-existence and colleague. We openly brainstorm about new materials and ideas because we understand that we all need a sounding board from time to time, it's through interaction that ideas become better. As they say, Marit is two better than one. The traditional closed-through creation process or "me-against-the-world" mindset seems to pass when compared to the progressive and open philosophy at the manufacturers.

The happy mix of artisan products, open by policy, collaborative spirit and the distinct anti-mainstream ambience truly makes the community at Manufacturers home to the New Shit.


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  • Name : Fabrikanterne
  • Created : 2018-04-26 10:06:42
  • E-mail : mapde@vejle.dk
  • Phone : +45 26 27 24 86
  • Address : Nørregade 63, 7100 Vejle
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