Strateg, konceptmager, industriel designer, webspecialist, idé- og reklamemand

Fields of expertise

Strategy, Concept Development, Industrial Design, Web Development and Marketing.

Company description

MANNA is a different agency by virtue of its employees. Traditionally, it has been the case that classical agencies in the super league, striving to build a large team with many players each with their own specialty. It often works with large customers that the bureau office is flashy and that it is a large team meeting up to each customer meeting. It is our experience from recruitment at such agencies that it also has disadvantages ... Firstly, you have to assemble the team based on who you have employed (although external resources might be much more useful and innovative) and partly you have a large degree of delivery by department to department - with accompanying risk of misinformation ... Finally, there are generally only major fixed costs every month - and only one to pay the bill - the customer! Instead, we have focused on the regular players being able to maintain the process and when to draw resources in and out. This ultimately means better quality, higher degree of innovation and lower prices.


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