Øverste Skuffe

Kommunikationskonsulent og oversætter

Fields of expertise

Communication and translation.

Company description

Do you control your data? Overview of strategies? And what about the target audience?   Perhaps, in the end, there has been politics in the dirt?   All of this you have probably taken into account. But you know the situation: Before you notice, your message is drowning in detail, noise, too many chefs and common confusion.   What if you had a filter? A filter that could distinguish significantly from insignificant and focus on the essentials: The message that should be kept clean with your recipient before you can move on.   I have such a filter. Let's just call it "storytelling". It is a method of organizing and disseminating information so that an experience, a feeling - occurs, something that you can remember. We can use storytelling to focus completely on your message. To engage those you would like to reach. And to fire you and what you stand for.   Perhaps it's a small movie, a comic book or an interactive story that best represents your message. Or it could be something completely different. We find that together. Overall, I do not work alone. An illustrator, an animator, or a programmer can soon be needed. But first you need to have your storytelling in place. Let me give it a hand!



  • Name : Øverste Skuffe
  • Created : 2017-12-07 11:54:03
  • E-mail : thomas@oeversteskuffe.com
  • Phone : (+45) 31 18 51 97
  • Address : Spinderigade 11, Studio K12, 7100 Vejle
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