Grafisk Designer

Fields of expertise

Visual identity, marketing materials, digital solutions, concept development, graphic and spatial design.

Company description

I would love to create visual impact for you and your business

It's all about understanding your mindset in order to eventually translate it into a visual language. Who are you? What are you doing? What makes you happy?

The driving force - I enjoy creating meaningful graphic design. The greatest satisfaction for me is that my customers are happy from here with a design that they are proud of and have taken ownership of.

Visual Identities - Identity is not just a logo. It's about being perceived and seen as the company is. In order to create coherence I only make visual identities as a total package solution with at least three graphic solutions, which, for example. could include logo, business card and letterhead.

Marketing Materials - Marketing is not just brochures, postcards and ads. I am particularly sharp in creative forms in several dimensions that create an experience that the recipient can remember.

Digital solutions - I am strong in UX design [user experience design] both physically and digital. For me, it's about cutting right into the leg. Although digital solutions do not have a physical limitation, I firmly believe that simplicity in visual communication benefits the user experience. Besides interactive PDF solutions, I also develop websites in collaboration with the IT company Versio ApS. They specialize in tailor-made, flexible and future-proof IT systems incl. booking and CMS systems.

Concept development - Do you need new eyes on your idea, design or product. I am keen on concept development and believe that an open, involved process leads to the best result.

Graphic & Spatial Design - I specialize in the use of graphic design for spatial concepts. This is about exhibition design, café / shop fittings, wayfinding, physical objects, packaging etc.



  • Name : Drivkraft
  • Created : 2017-12-07 09:52:32
  • E-mail : mia@driv.dk
  • Address : Spinderigade 24 2. sal, plads 2.8, 7100 Vejle
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