Gitte Lægaard

Multidisciplinær designer

Fields of expertise

Textile and product design, illustrations, art and workshop facilitation.

Company description

I am a multidisciplinary designer with a MA in textile from Kolding Design School. All my work exudes a distinctive fabricity as a result of the textile background. The focus is on material studies and analogous techniques that I combine with industry's digital processes. This meeting creates an exciting interaction. I am particularly interested in working with analogue and digital printing.

Work Tasks I Perform For My Customers:

  • Design of patterns and shapes for interior and home products and the fashion industry
  • Illustration for posters, books and home products
  • Color scheme for collections and rooms

I can find inspiration everywhere and in all materials, and I see constraints like creative legends that can develop unique expressions. I also convey this working method to children and young people through various workshops. However, I am affiliated with Kunst og Design in Holstebro as design and drawing teacher.

Workshop offers that give children and young people a greater creative mindset:

-Use illustration and text in combination with author and editor Allan Lillelund -Woven in nature along with knit designer Lotte Kjær

  • Preparatory application to Design Schools
  • Pattern development for interior and use of Photoshop and Illustrator for visualization of one's ideas   Throughout the country I work with freelance assignments, but every day I attend Aarhus. Whether you are a small or larger company, organization, association or publisher, I focus on creating an engaging experience. I'm not afraid to throw me into new projects. It is important with challenges. Ranks the assignment beyond my competences alone, I would like to call my network if necessary.   I am always interested in new exciting projects, and you are welcome to contact me for a coffee and talk about it.


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