Designer, graphic artist and performance artist

Fields of expertise

Graphic design, UX design, storytelling, drawing, painting, porcelain painting, product design and concept development. Workshop facilitator.

Company description

Jeg har en bakgrunn som grafisk designer og arbejder i interseksionen mellem design, kunst og kultur. I have worked with UX design for TDC Development, product design for Bolia, as well as visual design and murals for private and public companies.

I have a passion for art in public space - where me and my art meet the public eye to eye. I have contributed with my art at a number of festivals and have held exhibitions in Denmark, New York, Barcelona and Tokyo.

I have also facilitated a great deal of workshops, e.g. for public schools, high schools, libraries and art schools.

My technical art skills are drawing, painting, porcelain painting and product design. I love to work with storytelling and creativity across media and cultures. I concentrate on the transformation from storytelling to design and concept.

Please contact me if you need more info. Thank you!


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