Designer, graphic artist and performance artist

Fields of expertise

Graphic design, UX design, storytelling, drawing, painting, porcelain painting, product design and concept development. Workshop facilitator.

Company description

I have a background as Graphic Designer and work in the intersection between design, art and culture. I have worked with UX design for TDC Development, product design for Bolia, as well as visual design and murals for private and public companies. ​ I have a passion for art in public space - where me and my art meet the public eye to eye. I have contributed with my art at a number of festivals and have held exhibitions in Danmark, New York, Barcelona and Tokyo. ​ In addition I have facilitated a great deal of workshops, e.g. for public schools, high schools, libraries and art schools.

My technical art skills are drawing, painting, porcelain painting and product design. I love to work with storytelling and creativity across medias and cultures. I concentrate on the transformation from storytelling to design and concept.

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