Fields of expertise

I'm an outdated media graphist from 2008 and works daily as a freelance graphic artist and drawing / illustrator in the NUTRITION, my little one-man business. I do almost everything in graphic design, logo & identity, dtp, image processing, websites in wordpress, packaging, labels and car deko. In addition, I can offer all kinds of handwriting, on-screen illustration and mural / art

Company description

NEARWORK is the small design agency that delivers solutions in communication, illustration and design.

Illustration can - regardless of whether it is hand drawn or digital - help to substantiate the story of a brand or product. And create a universe that is easily recognizable and completely personal and unique.

Good design creates presence and the right idea can create focus exactly where you want it. But a good idea is not enough. It requires hard work, planning and a deep understanding of the target audience and its needs and dreams. As a graphic artist, it is important for me to spend time researching and planning, as well as on idea analysis, sketches and, for example, interest billing.


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  • Name : Helle Flindt-Rasmussen
  • Created : 2017-09-14 08:43:52
  • E-mail : info@naervaerket.dk
  • Phone : 22100276
  • Address : Horsevænget 31, 4130 Viby Sj.
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