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Coining the perfect term for what I do is impossible. You can choose freely from “creative consultant” over “experimental illustrator” to “entrepreneurial one-woman-army”.

Since 2004 I’ve helped numerous clients communicate their visions by designing fashion clothes, creating prints, making illustrations for fashion magazines, organizing store decorations and much more – and I attack every challenge with a personal quirkiness that is always professional and an experienced authority which is never boring.

In the center of all my work is a rock solid understanding of my clients needs and the necessary creative talent to fulfill it. I take pride in being extremely loyal and dedicated to my clients, and I have a strong sense of how to balance commercial and artistic interests.

If you are curious as to how I can help visualize your next project – please feel free to contact me. I provide solutions for ideas and budgets of all sizes, and you are always guaranteed my fullest attention and dedication.


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