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We are a creative studio that loves to inspire, develop ideas and create creative workshops for young creative minds.

Company description

We believe that everyone has a creative potential and we think it is important to take children and young people's desire to develop creatively seriously. ItchBox Studio is the inspirational playground where children and young people can gradually boost their creative muscles by learning to go from idea to prototype with their own designs and get the feeling of creative self-esteem all the way to the big toe.

Our inspiration comes from sharing our passion for creativity, and especially seeing big children and adolescents, that they can be much more than they think - the moment when they realize that they are really creative and they radiate creativity pride is the best.

ItchBox Studio makes both workshops in a box (design take-away you can do at home) and physical pop up workshops.

ItchBox Studio consists of Camilla Bjerre, Graphic Designer and Prototyping Shark and Gry Salling, Cracker and Process & Idea Developer. A little in the background there is also Jesper Just Jensen, who advises on business development, and of course our critical in house test team of young creative minds.



  • Name : Camilla Bjerre
  • Created : 2018-10-08 20:20:25
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  • Address : Spinderihallerne, Spinderigade 11E, studio G13, 7100 Vejle
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