Re- og upcycling entreprenør

Fields of expertise

We provide an alternative to incineration through re-cycling of soft PVC material.

Company description

Our goal is to run an environmentally friendly business where we re- and upcycle soft PVC material so that together we can better fit our globe and each other.

When PVC is incinerated, dangerous toxins are formed, which are released into the air and must be deposited in order not to come into contact with nature. To prevent this, all Danish municipalities have collected PVC material since 2001. Nevertheless, the Danish EPA estimates that more than 50% of the PVC material ends up on the incineration plants. This is where TARPREC will and can make a difference. We collect the PVC material that is no longer usable in its original function, and we make sure it is re-cycling and upcycling instead of being placed on the landfill site‍‍‍.

  Only 10% of the material we receive is deposited. And that figure we work every day to improve by making our work process more efficient.



  • 11/12-2018 14:35

    Hej Drenge :-)

    Har I bemærket dette nye projekt, som er oprettet af Spinderihallernes yngste iværksættere? Pt. har de behov for folk med viden om bio-nedbrydelige materialer....er det mon noget I kan sparre med dem om? Hermed link til projektet

  • Name : Sanel Santi
  • Created : 2018-10-08 19:53:01
  • E-mail : kontakt@tarprec.dk
  • Phone : 20274843
  • Address : Kedelbygningen, Spinderigade 24, 7100 Vejle
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