Hawk & Teller

Futures Consultant

Fields of expertise

Foresight: research and consultancy, educating in future strategy and public speaking on future trends within various topics.

Company description

I am an independent futures consultant from the UK, based in Denmark. I work with businesses to ensure they have relevance in our future world and to their future consumers. By translating visual trends, cultural shifts and consumer attitudes, I work with brands in a range of categories, all over the world to help them create a future that people really want and really need.

Bold and brave Passionate about inspiring stronger, bolder and braver decision making, I challenge the expected norms and provoke healthy discussion by asking the big, awkward “what if…?” questions.

Creative approach, commercially minded A background in design sets the backdrop for my unusual blend of skills and experience: multi-category, international experience combines with consumer empathy, commercial viability and big-picture future thinking. This puts me in the perfect position to cut through the unnecessary junk and focus on providing only relevant and actionable inspiration and advice.

Bulls**t free All my work communicates future opportunities in a visually engaging, impactful way: audio, film, easy-to-digest documents and invigorating, perception challenging presentations. No death by PowerPoint, and no patronising jargon.

Education & Experience Educated in design (I have a Master’s degree in Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing from Northumbria University in the UK), I’ve been commercially trained. For over 10 years I’ve worked in futures, consumer insight and brand planning for international household brands and industry leading agencies, as well as teaching at leading Universities.

Having lived in the UK, Asia and Scandinavia and travelled globally to meet consumers and experts, I’ve worked across an alphabet of categories: from alcohol, beauty, food and fashion to insurance, footwear and newspapers, with global names including Nike, Converse, H&M, LEGO, Diageo, News UK, Aldo, Johnson & Johnson and JWT.



  • Name : Hawk & Teller
  • Created : 2018-09-11 11:03:33
  • E-mail : hello@jillhawkins.com
  • Phone : 60126234
  • Address : Spinderihallerne, Spinderigade 11E, 7100 Vejle
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