Bigger Vision

Foredragsholder og workshop facilitator

Fields of expertise

Project management, management, lecture and workshop facilitator.

Company description

Do you want low sickness absence and high job satisfaction at your workplace? Are you tired of fire fighting and want peace of mind? Save (many) money for sickness benefits and temporary workers and instead have time and afford new exciting initiatives? I help executives to exercise sound leadership and keep up to work - every day!

I know where the shoe pushes and can save your business time and resources by "striking within the disc" in the first attempt with your desire to prevent sick leave. I have evidence of what causes a decrease in sick leave. For more than 3 years, I was the focal point for Region Syddanmark's fall in sick leave from 4.7% to 4.2% over a two-year period. The drop in sickness absence at "just" 0.5 percentage points meant extra productivity of the wages of 85 million. crowns!

This value was Region Syddanmark missed if sick leave had remained unchanged. In addition, there are saved expenses for sickness benefits and temporary workers! So I have at the closest team see how much effect even "smaller" drop in sick leave gives. I use that knowledge every day in cooperation with BIGGER VISION's customers.

Project manager with a sense of development and results I have 17 years of experience as project manager and with management, coaching, organizing and implementing teaching and processes so that participants can immediately use it for a busy day.

In addition, I have been responsible for an ocean of development processes, strategic projects and have developed a lot of "tools". Always simple and intuitive. Among other things. so staff managers and employees are helped to systematically prevent stress and sickness absence and promote well-being.

I am keen to find solutions that work for a busy weekday. Therefore, I look at all levels of managing, developing and implementing strategic projects and efforts. From start to finish. Every step from strategy development to tactical maneuvers over concrete development of plans and tools. Always take a look at how process and end results become appropriate, viable and relevant to those involved.

Wide knowledge and great experience My communication background is complemented by international development studies and an international coaching education. The professional experience is gained from eight years as a management consultant in a private consultancy and a similar period in large public companies. The working red thread is to create business development and growth while at the same time enjoying the employees and having a good mental working environment.



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