Gitte Stounberg

Journalist og tekstforfatter med speciale i online marketing

Fields of expertise

Journalism, content marketing, newsletters, web texts, social media, blog and press.

Company description

If you choose me as a copywriter, I will do my best to surprise you positively. Write texts that help you reach your goals. Whatever it is, google visibility, media attention, or greater commitment from your customers. I am a trained journalist from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. I have taken several courses in copywriting and marketing - and keep me constantly updated on trends and trends, both at home and abroad. And most importantly, I have practical experience with what works. And what doesn't.



  • Name : Gitte Stounberg
  • Created : 2018-06-15 13:27:13
  • E-mail :
  • Phone : 29 89 23 18
  • Address : Spinderihallerne, Spinderigade 11E, 7100 Vejle
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