Looking for Stories: Pod casts about People and Projects in Spinderihallerne

Which stories about people, projects, art, life and other weird things in Spinderihallerne would you like to share with the world? And why? If we like your idea, you will be teamed up with MU:CE who is responsible for the actual pod cast production. Spinderihallerne decided to produce a series of pod casts as a new way of communicating and sharing experience and knowledge. Your idea for a story should mean something to you personally, (we're not looking for glitter and glam stories), story could be related to a personal project or not.


Innovation team in Spinderihallerne and MU:CE

Intro - kort beskrivelse af idéen

we expect you to:

  • Be part of the community in/around Spinderihallerne - either your company is based here, you're a regular in the FabLab, or you have an after-work-studio.....

  • At some level to be involved in the pod cast production. Technical skills is not a must.

  • Come up with an idea for a story that means something to you personally - that you would love the world to know and learn about.

Projekt Info
  • Oprettet : 2018-01-22 21:13:36
  • Offentlig
  • Status : Brainstorming and experimenting with concept
  • Søger : Input
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