To create a platform and community in which idea developers effortlessly can attract the strongest most passionate resources to their projects.


Developer and customer contact: Maria Toystrup. Software developer: Bak. Founder/Idea developer: Sanne Moth.

Intro - kort beskrivelse af idéen

Idea developers know that co-creation and customer development are essential elements in the lean process of product optimization. Finding resources who are equally passionate about co-creating the exact project you have fallen in love with, is beyond exhilarating and boosts ambition and ultimately enables you to reach higher levels of execution.



  • 21/06-2017 07:55
    CoCreate (pitch ejer)

    Just an update; recent sessions with entrepreneurs of Spinderihallerne have led to some new features on the to do list, which we are working on at the moment. Said features should be implemented within the next couple of weeks and they are;

    • Live idea development sessions in focus-groups/non-focus-groups
    • Simplified version of the idea-submitting form
    • User activated translation only (opposed to the present automatic translation that kind of sucks)
    • Max letter indicator
    • Only two last posts visible
    • Optimized front page with how-to video
    • Hub clusters (communities within the community)
    • visibility on Linkedin (API)
  • 24/11-2018 06:09
    CoCreate (pitch ejer)

    This just in: it is now possible to give a more comprehensive description of your project by creating a video and uploading with you project description.

Projekt Info
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  • Offentlig
  • Status : Look around - this is where we're at. We are (always) in the midst of improving.
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